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BPO HR Solution

Providing end-to-end HR Process, manages the entire cycle of employees ranging from the selection process, hiring, developing, maintaining, managing until the end of the process of cooperation with the company 's employees.


Advantages BPO HR Solution.
1. Increased focus on core business activities and cost effectiveness
With rapid growth in business, comes increased back-office operations. The increase in back-office operations demands additional human and financial resources, which may side-track your attention from the core business activities. HR functions are a part of such back-office operations. Outsourcing HR functions can help you redirect human as well as financial resources to your core business activities.
2. Compliance and risk management
Employment and labor laws often change and organizations find it difficult to keep up to date with these changing laws. Outsourcing HR to an outside firm benefits Lou since these firms have experienced HR professionals that have the expertise in staying abreast with such changes in laws.
3. Flexible Staffing
Flexible staffing is another benefit that outsourcing human resource functions can bring. Recruitment is one of the HR functions that is increasingly outsourced by organizations.



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HR Process Service

Recruitment Services

Find and to locate talents who met Alt specifics requirements from out clients.
Our Products :
1. Executive search
2. Recruitment services for mid level management positions

IT Solution
. Geolocation presence, presence by doing detect estate locations based on their location, distance geolocation ± 300m.
. Showing report for presence monitoring,overtime, leave, sick and permission. Published by date, area and name.
. Showing timesheet for 1 month, with a summary real number of working days, absences, leave, permission and all the overtime.

Data Entry
Data Entry is one of our service to digitalize hardcopy document. Digital information is easier to access. (transforming hardcopy into softcopy)
Benefit of Data Entry service:
• Document Security Guarantee
• Make you easier to access informations
• Not only converting but also maintaining the origin of the document
• Competitive price

Event Organizer

Press Conference
Company demanding their informations to be published. In that case, ISH can help through press conference or press release.

Launching Event
To help company in every launching event like product launching, rebranding, or any product activation, ISH can provide service in those events.

In order to help company to promote their products, ISH also provide service as exhibition organizer.

Seminar is one of many ways to transfer knowledge to audient. Seminar also known as gathering people for the purpose of discussing a stated topic.

Gathering Event
To make all company employee, start from lower level to the top of company management, need to be gather to build solidity and to grow people’s sense of belonging of the company.

All those services are handled by professional personel and made by customer satisfaction-driven. ISH can manage those event with smooth and well, from A to Z to deliver satisfaction and achievement to all customers.


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HR Learning Solution

HR Learning Solution provides solution to corporate, academic and consumer market for developing skill & knowledge. We provide fix topic module and other topic module to met with requirements from our client in cross industrial.

E – Learning Solution
We deliver knowledge to our customer base on ICT. We have 2 kind primary model of e-learning, Static Methods (learning portals, hyperlinked pages, screen cam tutorials, streaming audio/video, and live Web broadcasts) and Interactive methods (threaded discussions, chats, and desk-top video conferencing).

Training Service
In – House Training
It can be easily customized specifically for your business, using examples and images from your own Environment.

Advantages of In-House Training :

1. Cost effective
First and foremost, on site workshops are cost effective. Instead of training 3-4 people in public training, you can train all group of 15 – 25 employees.
2. Customized
You can customize the course according to your employee training needs. You can produce all course outline and ask trainer to deliver it.
3. Flexible
You can hold the course any time you want, upon mutual agreement with the trainer. You can change venue as well according to your preferences.

Basic Facilities Required for in house training
If you would like us to come to you and train your staff, we will need the following facilities:
1. A quiet, comfortable training room.
2. Appropriate numbers of tables and chairs.
3. A side table.
4. A whiteboard, pens and an eraser.
5. A white projection screen.

Public Training
Public Training Program is being offered periodic to any companies or individual that is seeking to improve a certain skill and knowledge.

Advantages of Public Training :
1. Less Administration
There is less aspects to organise than with In-House training as the training company will sort it out for you.
2. External Networking
Public scheduled training allows your employees to mix with and talk to people from other companies and backgrounds.
3. Lack of Distractions
Once you have sent your employees on a public scheduled course, they are free from any responsibilities of their usual day to day activities.
4. Variance
An external trainer on a public scheduled course who has little ties or knowledge of your company may be able to give a fresh perspective to an issue as they haven’t got the bias that extra information can give you.